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Fast return with Rapid Lean approch

With 26 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, I gained a deep understanding of modern plant operations and financial management.

In partnership with LAURAS USA, we delivers fast and surprising results.

LAURAS USA has an outstanding track record of sustainable improvement for its customers. Our results are guaranteed.

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To reach your goal quickly, measurement tools are essential.
Are you using the right ones?

Call us. We know how to get you thereLuc Chouinard

My expertise

The transfer of knowledge provides undeniable gains.
My deep experiences and my passion for the manufacturing industry, supported by my technical skills in the fields of assembly, manufacturing, food processing, packaging, pulp and paper, printing, medical field , automation and industrial and mechanical engineering will bring you the desired gains.
I guide you in improving your processes to improve your overall performance. These changes are customized for your business to increase your bottom line without capital injection.

  • Assessment of height types of waste and improvement
  • Improved productivity
  • Performance analysis (KPI)
  • Improved manufacturing delays
  • Temporary replacement of resources
  • Temporary management and supervision
  • Evaluation of operational performance
  • Implementation of new business processes
  • Working together with suppliers to improve performance (quality, time, cost)
  • Stock level evaluation and reduction
  • Shortage management
  • Cycle counts implementation
  • Temporary replacement of resources
  • Standardized production methods to guarantee quality the first time
  • Standard documents and training support tools (assembly lines, manual operation, training videos, etc.)
  • Implementation and training of work teams
  • Optimization of flow and plan layout
  • Tooling design (poka-yoke)
  • Time management (timing)
  • Optimal workflow (sequence of work)
  • Levelling the work load
  • Performance analysis (KPI)
  • Improvement / implementation of business processes
  • Use of lean tools (5S, SMED, etc.)
  • Temporary replacement of resources
  • Purchase and installation of new equipment
  • Plant layout
  • Plant capacity (evaluation and management)
  • Temporary replacement of resources
  • Temporary management and supervision
  • Analysis of causes of downtime
  • Increased availability of equipment (Preventive Maintenance)
  • System implementation (CMMS)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Mobilization and hands-on training
  • Root cause analysis to reduce incidents and accidents
  • Culture health and safety
  • Assessing risk and deploy action plan
  • Lock out and tags out procedures
Luc Chouinard, P. Eng.

Productivity Expert
Consulting services for Manufacturing Industries

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